Reading Strategies

Below is a list of reading strategies that are commonly taught throught your child's education at CMIS. I have included stories with direct links to our school library that are great for emphasizing diverse reading strategies. If you need any more suggestions, please feel free to contact me.


Retell is an essential component of reading, and it is often the first strategy readers understand at an early ages. Retell includes explaining the characters, setting, beginning, middle, end, problem, and solution of the story. Traditional fairy tales are all excellent texts to start with retelling because the events are in an order that is simple to remember.

Character Traits

Character traits not only consist of the physical qualities of characters, but also what they feel on the inside. These traits can describe characters that are happy, sad, scared, brave, kind, etc. Character traits should also be identified with evidence from the text ex. "Why is the character happy?" "What did they do that makes them brave?".


Inferring references to making predictions using clues in pictures, words, dialogue, or actions. To infer means to state what is not clear in the text. These books are great for leaving the kids guessing and making conclusions.


When we read, we create a vivid picture in our mind. These stories are told with beautiful illustrations that add meaning to the story.

Realistic Fiction

This genre of text goes hand in hand with writing. These stories are famous pieces of fiction that can inspire young readers to create their own realistic stories.


Stories often are embedded with morals for the reader to learn. These stories contain strong themes that teach the reader important lessons.


There are many ways for us to stories to facilitate other content areas like math. These stories are helpful for younger children learning number sense and counting.