CMIS English Language Resources

Welcome parents, teachers, and students

We at CMIS are fortunate to have a diverse community of parents, students, and teachers from all over the world. This website is a tool for everyone to use to learn more about the English Language Development program. You can access a variety of resources such as links to books and websites to develop English language proficiency.

The support staff at CMIS is dedicated to:

  • Develop each child's reading, writing, listening, and phonemic awareness through diverse and differentiated learning methods
  • Use data gathered from the WIDA, MAPS, DRA, and classroom assessment to address the students' individual needs
  • Create a FUN, ENGAGING, and MEANINGFUL way for each child to be successful in journey of English language development
  • Develop a community of learners with respect for each individual's culture and primary langauge
  • Create an atmosphere where students guide their own learning and take risks to develop all areas of language

Thank you for visiting our English Language Development site! We hope you find this information beneficial for you and your child's learning.